In December, we had the honor of hosting a Celebration for Veterans, in an attempt to ensure that our clients would have a warm and blessed holiday season. We had so much support from past and new partners, and those who have supported our cause from the beginning. Pro team from United Way has been our biggest supporter since Homes of Light was established, and they continue to show us love every step of the way. We were thrilled to have the support of Latisha Story and ShaRon Lovett Ozuem from the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. Latisha is the assistant director of security and leads a group of youths that made holiday cards for our clients. They also made a pledge to devote their time to Veterans during the holidays. Ms. Ozuem was invited as a personal friend of the staff, so when she arrived accompanied by Mrs. Story and her husband, it was a pleasant surprise. Both of them went above and beyond with the amount of support and interest they showed in Homes of Light. The past few months for this organization have been some of blessings and new partnerships, and we look forward to the growth 2017 will bring.