Ryan H.

Ryan is an Army veteran who served as an airborne paratrooper and infantry soldier in a heavy weapons squad from 2011-2014. Ryan’s father and both grandfathers served in the Army and in 2010 when his father underwent triple by-pass surgery he told Ryan that it was his dream for him to carry on the family tradition. Ryan wasted no time and enlisted the next day.

His service was not without casualties, he lost many friends while serving. After his discharge, things fell apart Ryan questioned his own life and his depression and PTSD worsened, leaving him unable to function. His life continued to unravel and he became homeless spending time on the street.

While staying in VA assisted housing Ryan was mugged and nearly beaten to death by four men on his way home.  After the attack Ryan’s case manager brought him to Homes of Light (HOL) to get him into safer housing and a more supportive environment. Since starting with HOL in February of 2015 Ryan’s life has made a complete turnaround. 

He and his fiance rekindled their relationship and are now expecting their first child (due December 16, 2016). Ryan can’t remember a time when he was as happy as he is now, and the future looks bright except for the fact that he did not have reliable transportation. Then in December, a local radio station, Star 94.1, was promoting the free leasing of ten new Nissan’s to assist Veterans in need. Homes of Light nominated Ryan H. and he was selected as one of the WINNERS!

Ryan is very happy about the opportunities that receiving the car has given him. He is now able to travel for his job assisting homeless veterans, through Helping Homeland Heroes, a non-profit organization he and his fiancé formed, to assist HOL, VetCar, and other veteran organizations assisting homeless and disabled veterans.