Mauryne’s story is one that differs slightly from most of the cases that come into Homes of Light. All of our clients are important because of their ability to prevail against some discouraging odds, but when you add an illness that affects you psychologically, the odds are even less in your favor. Not only do we provide relief for veterans and homeless clients from the VA, we also have services for those who are attempting to transition back into society after paying their debt to society. Mauryne suffers from manic-depression, also known as bi-polar disorder, and like most others that have been diagnosed has had some periods when maintaining an everyday routine has been a challenge.

She was doing very well for herself working for a very well-known parcel shipping company. She experienced a manic episode and as a result found herself in some legal trouble. She was able to get the treatment she needed from Viewpoint and they referred her to Homes of Light. She came to the program from Fulton County correctional facility and was able to get the assistance obtaining the resources she needed to get on her feet. During her three months in the program she was able to get help applying and receiving food stamps, transportation for appointments, and resources for income.

As of January she has moved into a new apartment with a roommate and is living independently.  She describes her experience as “humbling” and is appreciative of the help she received in such a difficult time in her life. She views HOL as a stepping stone to where she sees herself (returning to school) and feels that the program is making it easier to transition back into society. Her main focus for the time being is staying well by keeping her appointments with her doctors and maintaining her medication regime to keep a grasp on her symptoms. She looks forward to what the future will bring for her and hopes to become part of our team of veteran volunteers.