Kerry S.

Kerry is an Atlanta native, born in the city at Grady Memorial Hospital. He came to hear about Homes of Light in February of 2014 after a devastating car accident. At the time, he was homeless and was struck by a vehicle then taken to Grady to be treated for his injuries. After undergoing surgery, he realized the cost of his medical care was going to be a financial burden and was referred to a case worker. When the doctors learned of his situation they knew he needed a safe place to recover and that he was going to need some assistance with his expenses. The hospital put him in touch with HOL and he was soon approved and able to move into an apartment.

Coming into the program Kerry was a little skeptical because of the recent string off events, but he remained positive and was thankful for having a place to live and focus on healing. He says his experience with HOL has been a “big help” and speaks highly of the programs available that assist in everything from transportation to connecting to resources that provide healthcare and food stamps. Having a support system is a vital part of Kerry’s recovery and he feels he has received more than expected.

Kerry is heading in a positive direction and his priority still lies with recovery from the accident. Visiting his friends and family has been a focal point in his healing process. He works everyday on strengthening his legs by walking and being as mobile as possible. He plans on getting his own apartment in the near future in order to gain more independence. When he graduates from the program, he wants to move to a place close to his current residence in order to keep his life running smoothly.