Malcolm J.

Hospital to Home Program

When people think homeless, substance abuse and alcoholism come into question almost instantly. Malcolm on the other hand was not trapped by an addiction but rather his emotions that as a result, landed him homeless, alone and tortured. Feeling unbearable to himself and those around him, Malcolm ended up finding a crisis center at the early age of 14. While finding work in his teens, he was able to stabilize his situation for a time but he still often felt depressed.  The emotional turmoil he suffered through led to another downward spiral- and he experienced long periods of homelessness in shelters, on the street and finally in front of a church.

It is at this church that he met a man that had an opportunity to work with United Way, and ultimately turned Malcolm’s life around by directing him to Gil, and the Homes of Light program. When interviewed, Malcolm described this program as being a “stable place to help people progress and back on their feet.”  The program provides people experiencing pain and homelessness with a place to stay- to call their own- while connecting to vital services and reintroducing them to the responsibilities that life brings.

Since joining the program Malcolm has found not only refuge, but purpose. He goes back to the many places he used to frequent while living on the street and helps other people connect to Homes of Light and get their lives on track too. When asked if he had any wise words to share, Malcom urges others to “give it a try- leave all preconceived notions and watch it change your life.”