Ron D.

Ron D. is a native of Bloomington, IL. His military career with the U.S. Army consisted of two years of service at Ft. Benning, here in Georgia.

Ron notes his toughest struggle during his enlistment was “being away from my family”. However he feels that as a young person, the military taught him how to take care of himself.

In partnership with the “toughening up” process from which he benefited, Ron feels that his capacity to “humble myself and ask for help when I needed it” was a skill set that aided him in a successful military career.

Ron became homeless due to a separation from his wife and declares that he was in “dire need of a residence” when Holmes of Light, in connection with United Way, provided him with a temporary residence.

He credits Homes of Light with helping him to secure permanent housing as well, and notes that he is “very pleased with the location and condition” of his new housing.

Ron is excited about the potential that CDL classes that he is now attending, offers for getting back on his feet. The CDL classes are funded thru United Way and Furniture Bank funds, for which he is very appreciative.

Ron sees this training and certification opportunity as positioning him to move up and out on his own.

Ron recommends that any individual in a similar situation as he found himself, seek out Homes of Light because it was very helpful during his time of need.