Randy was born in the Bronx, New York where he worked for IBM. He moved to Logansville, Georgia when family issues arose and he decided moving was the best option. He lived with his brother for a while and tried to get back on his feet, but living so far from the city proved to be difficult. He didn’t have transportation to and from work, so he moved to Atlanta after a year. He began working construction, but the work wasn’t consistent and when the owner of the company passed away, it stopped altogether. With no work or family close by, he was forced onto the streets.

He found his way to Central Presbyterian Church where he met McKendy from United Way through a community outreach. He told Randy about Homes of Light, but explained that he didn’t qualify for the program.  Exposure caused him to fall extremely ill and he contracted a terrible stomach virus that sent him to the ER at Grady Memorial twice. Within the same few months, he developed an abscess behind his ear that needed medical attention. Being admitted to Grady three times in just a few months qualified him to be brought into our program and into transitional housing.

While in the program he was able to apply and begin receiving Social Security benefits that provided the means for permanent housing. “Jack was really helpful,” says Randy, “everyone in the office has been.” Now that he has a place to call home after so long, he is looking forward to getting back into a routine that will help him continue to move forward.