Maxie G.

Maxie grew up in “upstate” New York, where he called Pughkeepsie, NY home.

Having spent the majority of his Army career from 1969-1971 in Germany, Maxie credits the military with teaching him “discipline” and “how to survive”.

Family relationship problems led to his encounter with homelessness, and a referral by the Veterans Administration (VA) brought a connection with Homes of Light transitional housing.

Maxie credits the direct involvement of Homes of Light Executive Director, Gil R. as a vital part of his successful transition from transitional housing to permanent housing. “Thank God I was positioned to be with Gil.

He is a good guy who really supported me. Gil really stood by me. When I was upset about certain circumstances, Gil heard my need louder than he heard my angry words. I feel blessed, and as long as I live, I will never forget him.”

Through various services, Maxie was able to obtain Social Security disability benefits (SSI), which provides an income for his needs. While at Homes of Light, Maxie found permanent housing and he is “very pleased” with where he lives and “how quiet it is.”

He is hopeful that he will get a part-time job in the near future to fill the gaps in his needs.