Leo H.

Leo is originally from Detroit but has lived in Atlanta for several years. He was admitted to Grady for blood clots earlier this year. Dealing with his health issues helped put life into perspective for Leo and the last day he was in Grady he requested to see a social worker. The social worker returned with information about Homes of Light. Leo saw the timing as a blessing because he was looking for a fresh start and a more righteous lifestyle. As he was preparing for a new life, he was relieved to find a place that could allow him to begin as soon as possible.

Leo is now living in an apartment home in Atlanta with another member of our program. He has been in his new residents for seven months, and has settle nicely into his new neighborhood. “I like the apartment and the area,” says Leo. He likes to spend his free time volunteering at churches and other places in the community. Giving back gives him a sense of fulfillment and he feels the area provides plenty of opportunities. He says his overall experience with the organization has been good, and was glad that he found us when he did.

Leo’s desire to give back to the community stems from a desire to finish school and get a degree in social work. He wants to work in a rehabilitation center and be a counselor for people with drug dependency situations. He has begun looking into different programs that can help him accomplish his education goals. Leo’s outlook on his journey is optimistic and he continues to piece together his new life. His passion for reaching others is apparent and is reflected in his demeanor as he speaks about his volunteer work. He seems to be looking into the future at the big picture and HOL is happy be part of his progress.