Erick is one example of one of our long-term success stories. Previous to being part of our program he had been going through a difficult time with family members. He heard about HOL through another program after serving a short jail sentence. The public defender’s office put him in contact with another program that referred him to HOL.

He is originally from Kenya but his parents currently live in Wisconsin. He became active in the program in June of 2014. He was initially living in a roommate situation but has since found employment and is living independently. Getting a job and his own apartment is only the first milestone in Erick’s journey to becoming successful and living the “American dream.”

Now that Erick is living independently and working, he plans on focusing on his education. He has attended an education workshop provided by Homes of Light that provides information on resources for financial aid. The workshop also assists in connecting our members to programs of interest. Erick’s next step is to complete his GED and go to college to major in Education. One aspect of the program Erick finds especially beneficial is providing members of the program with financial assistance for public transportation. In his opinion HOL has been a key factor in helping him achieve a more productive life.

Erick’s passion for claiming his education is the foundation for his aspirations. His intentions on being a teacher is solid proof. He dreams of being a U.S. history teacher for a high school in Atlanta. Once he graduates, he plans on getting married and starting a family. Although Atlanta is far from his own family, he feels at home here and plans on staying to raise his children. Erick hopes to gain dual- citizenship and wants to visit his family in Kenya to share his hard work and experiences with HOL that contributed to his success