Chad was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana where he lived until he was twenty-one. When tragedy struck the city in the form of Hurricane Katrina, he was forced to move to Texas and stay with relatives. He lived there a few months, and had even begun working but he decided being closer to his loved ones was more important.

He moved back to Louisiana and started attending a technical college to become a Medical Assistant. Homeless once again when his relationship ended he decided to move to Atlanta to stay with his brother and aunt. When he got tired of moving back and forth between couches, he decided to seek housing elsewhere. He stayed at a shelter for a while, but didn’t feel safe in the environment. He made the difficult decision of living on the street, fully exposed to whatever the city had in store.

A childhood injury that later resulted in surgery kept Chad in excruciating pain. When he was thirteen an accident left his hips and pelvis broken and in need of reconstruction. Being in an unstable environment without the ability to rest and eat properly only worsened his pain and health issues, which led him to Grady Hospital. The chronic pain left him drained and in a deep state of depression.

While he was being treated at Grady, he was put in touch with a social worker that was able to connect him with Homes of Light. Once he was well enough to leave the hospital, he was placed in transitional housing at one of our properties. Since he has been in a stable environment he has been able to get the rest, nutrition and medical care he needs to get healthy and thrive.  He says he “feels safer,” and so grateful for being connected the organization.

He has been able to take on several jobs including: working on the Event Staff for the Georgia Dome, job training for floor technician, and working for two temp agencies doing custodial work. He looks forward to earning a degree in criminal justice and eventually buying his own home. For the first time in ten years, he is not homeless and can finally start to rebuild the life that was lost to him tragically so long ago.