In Atlanta today, President Barack Obama spoke on several veterans’ issues including:  healthcare,congress taking responsibility for their part in not supporting our veterans, and programs that make it possible for veterans to apply their technical and vocational expertise when they return from service. For years many of the people who have sacrificed their bodies and minds for this country have felt forgotten and dismissed. All Veterans should have access to healthcare and for those not at war for our country this should be a moral imperative. We are not upholding our end of the “sacred covenant” between civilians and troops, in the opinion of President Obama. They voluntarily leave behind their families, friends, and commitments to protect our freedom. President Obama expressed his gratitude  as he spoke of being humbled to have a fallen soldier’s mother introduce him at the Democratic National Convention and how our “gold-star families have suffered from loss we couldn’t imagine.” While he did point out some of the shortcomings from the past, the address had an overall positive context as he referenced the homeless Vet population decreasing by 47% since he vowed to make it a priority in 2009. Beyond the political aspects of addressing what can be done to continue to better our response to veterans’ needs, he discussed deeper issues such as the stigma that comes from asking for help for mental and emotional concerns that plague our troops when they return. His speech managed to ignite many emotions as he discussed topics that have deeply concerned  Americans for years. What separates President Obama, however, is what he has put into action and how he has gotten us all to step up to take responsibility for our part in assisting our veterans. To see his entire speech, HERE IS THE LINK >>>>