Our Mission is to End Homelessness

Building a better future for our chronically homeless clients. Since 2011 we’ve been a part of the movement in Atlanta and the southeast to provide solutions to homelessness, in cooperation with the initiative detailed in the United Way Homeless Commission’s 10 year Plan to end homelessness.

22 Veterans per day commit suicide


21% of the homeless population is considered “chronically homeless”

Just over 300,000 Veterans are homeless

Help support our mission
  • Provided housing for 351 homeless Veterans and 608 chronically homeless clients.
  • Connected 277 to their own permanent housing.
  • Provide substance abuse counseling and connected vets directly to mental health treatment if necessary.
  • We connect Veterans to employment training and job opportunities.
  • An independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting the mission of ending veteran homelessness
  • Raises awareness in communities about veteran suicide, mental health, and homelessness
  • Veteran’s Advocates and Coordinators
  • Veteran’s resources and assistance

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  • Provided 63 cars to Veterans who are now employed.
  • Provided 24 cars to disabled Veterans.
  • Vehicle loans are 0% interest.
  • Payments are capped at $175 per month.

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Homes of Light Board President Profile

Homes of Light Board President

George Lorenz


Highly accomplished, passionate, visionary, committed Biopharma Sales Manager with exceptional strategic organizational and implementation skills, delivering optimal outcomes in challenging healthcare environments.
Excel at Talent identification, Team building, Leadership development, and instilling loyalty, dedication and high performance in a culture of accountability. Proven ability to directly impact a company’s growth and bottom line, combining highly effective utilization of business analytics, decisive planning, and Team empowerment.

Our Success Stories

Richard W.

Richard W is an Army Veteran who served for six years in the US military as a Communications Specialist.

Kenneth W.

Kenneth W. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, Kenneth had dreams of serving his country and traveling the world so he enlisted in the United States Marine Corp.

Elise M.

“I know it was God that brought me through it.”  Humble words spoken by a humble man.  Elise fought back the tears as he told his story.

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Meet John Warren, hometown hero

“I was born here in Atlanta, GA and was the youngest of seven kids. My father was in the Air Force and taught me Judo, which I thought was really cool. When I grew up, I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps and join the military. When I came home from my...

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