Michael B.

Hospital to Home Program


Michael and his family moved to Atlanta when he was in high school searching for a better life and opportunity.  After years of struggling with mental illness he was forced to leave his family and with very little options he became homelessness.  After a number of years living on the street and in shelters,  Michael was approached by United Way and Homes of Light and feels so blessed that he was.

Homes of Light has given him the structure and solid foundation which will help him on his own in the future.  He now receives consistent counseling and receives medication that has made his life much better.  Earlier this year he secured his permanent housing and shares a two bedroom with a friend who assists him with medications and keeping his affairs in order.  In his spare time, he enjoys riding motorcycles and has set a short-term goal to obtain his Georgia driver’s license.  Michael also has a passion for writing poetry and a natural gift for drawing which he hopes to one day share his talents with the world.