For this week’s Innovation Celebration spotlight we’d like to introduce Corby Hannah, the Program Director for Vetcar. Corby’s idea for a social enterprise is very unique and has been gaining traction since it’s conception.

VetCar’s mission is to end veteran homelessness and joblessness throughout Atlanta by providing those who served our country with affordable and reliable transportation. Every vehicle purchase made by the public supports our effort to give veterans the independence they deserve.

As Corby explains about VetCar:

“Homes of Light helps homeless veterans to find housing and employment. Jobs allow them to get reintegrated. Atlanta is a city where many jobs are difficult to access by public transportation. So we were like, ‘Wow, a really important missing link is getting these guys access to transportation in an affordable way.’ They don’t have a lot of money or they don’t have the credit to go out and secure a vehicle in the general market place. So, we said, ‘Let’s set up this program; we will self-finance these guys some affordable cars so that they can get to and from jobs.’

At VetCar, one in every four cars is sold to a veteran at an affordable price with zero interest. Having reliable and independent transportation improves veterans’ prospects and options for employment thus moving them out of the cycle of unemployment and homelessness. With your help, we can put a set of keys into the hands of those who served our country.

Corby speaks more about VetCar’s success:

“At this point, we have served about thirty families of veterans with the VetCar program. It’s a social enterprise that allows vets to own cars with an affordable, no interest payment. We’ve had great success with getting them to and from jobs, many have gotten jobs as a result of getting a car, and many have maintained jobs as a result of getting a car.”

Corby Hannah is the Program Director for VetCar, a #socialenterprise program. When he’s not volunteering his time or working on VetCar, he loves to grab a Super Slice from Grant Central Pizza and Pasta.