The Flow Program is a new initiative of Homes of Light that specifically works with homeless families who have a limited income. This new social program helps these families by providing supportive housing, life skills education and the tools to graduate into their own housing upon graduation,

This program teaches clients how to be a positive part of their community and encourages them to be neighborly. In addition life skills classes such as financial responsibility and budgeting, life coaching and essential The primary goal of this program is to teach them housing responsibility and graduate to self-sufficiency while supporting their community.

Here’s a short interview with Nikki Kellley who is the case manager that coordinates all aspects of this new Homes of Light social initiative.

When did this program start?

We started the Flow Program in the spring of 2017.

How many families have been helped by the Flow Program?

Since the Flow Program launched we’ve helped 150 clients, 120 of these clients have received a section 8 voucher allowing them to move on to their own permanent housing.

As a case manager why is this type of work so important to you?

Having a support system is crucial to living a good life. Not having housing while raising children and supporting a family is very difficult and I love helping my clients find and develop the tools to become self-sufficient and better their lives.

How can folks help support this program?

Donations and volunteering greatly support our mission and are always greatly appreciated.