When I first walked into the office of Homes of Light, I was, for lack of better terms, underwhelmed.I was already running late because I passed the entrance at least three times, thinking out loud in my car “There’s no way this is it.” It was it, though, and walking towards the door, I felt skeptical and over dressed. When I knocked on the door I heard a voice from the inside say “come in.” I recognized the director Gil but no one else. I was extremely nervous when he asked everyone to introduce themselves as well as their role in the organization. What was my role exactly? An intern? Wasn’t that an unpaid position? Wait I am getting paid, right? Right?! What did she say her name was? Kumiko? Yes I think that’s what she said… oh no now I’ve missed his name. My feelings of skepticism soon turned into awe as I sat and observed the meeting. I hear a list of what seems like a hundred duties and responsibilities, but I only see six people in the meeting. The reality of how demanding this job may be began to set in and I felt that I was in over my head.
Fast forward nine months, and the demand is just as high, if not higher thanks to the buzz the organization has generated. With three properties almost at capacity, and cars sales picking up, the to do list hasn’t exactly shortened. It has taken some time to find my purpose here and everyday it seems like another hat is added to my collection. For now my title is “Social Media Director”, which is ironic because I’m a very private person when it comes to my personal life. Sharing the mission and efforts of Homes of Light has come easily because of the dedication that is demonstrated by this team on a daily basis. I look forward to sharing and posting recent events and success stories on our Facebook, twitter and website. Being part of this organization has guided my life in an unexpected direction. I was initially going to attend nursing school but have decided to change my major to Social Work. All in all my experience here has been positive and I look forward to more growth with Homes of Light.