George H.

George was born in Covington, GA and moved to Atlanta in the ’70s. He worked at Grady Memorial Hospital until he began having health issues related to diabetes. Unfortunately, he was unable to continue to work and the lack of income resulted in him becoming homeless.

While he was homeless he would have to often enter the emergency room at Grady because of his diabetes. On one occasion, he had been experiencing swelling in his foot and the doctors discovered two blockages in his heart. He was admitted and suffered a mild heart attack while undergoing bypass surgery. These complications during the surgery made his recovery more difficult, and he was in need of a safe place to heal. His circumstances made him a perfect candidate for the United Way and Homes of Light Hospital to Home Program.

After being connected to Homes of Light, he was able to get transitional housing and so began his road to a healthier life. While in our program, we were able to get George approved for food stamps and he secured his disability benefits. He remained in transitional housing until he was healthy enough to move into his own residence. “God’s will put people there, it (the organization) is like an angel,” says
George. After a great recovery, he moved into an apartment in Decatur and was able to spend his Christmas with his daughter and grandson.