The Athletic Department at Emory University, Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), has adopted Homes of Light as the nonprofit they will work with for the next year. SAAC has chosen Homes of Light to partner with because of the work that is done to help Veterans around the Metro Atlanta area.

SAAC’s first campaign for Homes of Light was a Jacket and Houseware collection drive. Taylor Forte, a student at Emory University and Penny Siqueiros, head coach of Emory’s softball team, collected these items. All of the donations are being distributed to the Veterans within the program.

Throughout the next year, SAAC will continue to work with Homes of Light and their Veterans. SAAC will host at least one more collection drive and there will also be two other campaigns in the spring of 2016. We would like to thank Penny, Taylor, and the rest of the SAAC team their hard work and contributions to our agency.