About Homes of Light

Dear Potential Donor and Volunteer:

Homes of Light is a broad-based community driven initiative, providing appropriate services to homeless people which begins with stable housing and follows through with encouragement and case management.

We act as part of the movement in Atlanta and the South East to provide solutions to homelessness, in cooperation with the initiative detailed in the United Way Homeless Commission’s 10 year Plan to end homelessness.

Our Non-Profit organization cares about our patrons and wants to assist them in returning to an active role in society through stable and supportive housing.

Through Case Management, we connect our clients to various services including medical, substance abuse counseling, mental health treatment, identification, food, clothes, education, transportation employment (job training) and disability assistance.

We focus on providing these services and building lasting partnerships in order to increase the collaborative effort of all those involved in working to create solutions to end homelessness. We also work to raise public awareness and leverage the support we receive in order to maximize our impact.

We will continue to make a positive impact towards eliminating homelessness if we can maintain our effort to provide a vehicle for stable supportive housing and community involvement in addressing the issue of homelessness. Bringing new opportunities to those who are ready to lift themselves up, is our goal.




Gil Reschenthaler
Executive Director